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  1. Research

    Human LH and hCG stimulate differently the early signalling pathways but result in equal testosterone synthesis in mouse Leydig cells in vitro

    Human luteinizing hormone (LH) and chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) are glycoprotein hormones regulating development and reproductive functions by acting on the same receptor (LHCGR). We compared the LH and hCG ac...

    Laura Riccetti, Francesco De Pascali, Lisa Gilioli, Francesco Potì, Lavinia Beatrice Giva, Marco Marino, Simonetta Tagliavini, Tommaso Trenti, Flaminia Fanelli, Marco Mezzullo, Uberto Pagotto, Manuela Simoni and Livio Casarini

    Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2017 15:2

    Published on: 5 January 2017

  2. Research

    Comparison of the effect of a combination of eight micronutrients versus a standard mono preparation on sperm parameters

    There are reports showing that l-carnitine alone or in combination with other micronutrients improve sperm parameters. However, comparative studies are still lacking. This study was carried out to compare the ...

    Markus Lipovac, Florian Bodner, Martin Imhof and Peter Chedraui

    Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2016 14:84

    Published on: 9 December 2016

  3. Research

    Arrest at the diplotene stage of meiotic prophase I is delayed by progesterone but is not required for primordial follicle formation in mice

    In mammalian females, reproductive capacity is determined by the size of the primordial follicle pool. During embryogenesis, oogonia divide mitotically but cytokinesis is incomplete so oogonia remain connected...

    Sudipta Dutta, Deion M. Burks and Melissa E. Pepling

    Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2016 14:82

    Published on: 5 December 2016

  4. Research

    Enhanced expression of the stemness-related factors OCT4, SOX15 and TWIST1 in ectopic endometrium of endometriosis patients

    Current evidence suggests that endometrial-derived stem cells, spilled in the peritoneal cavity via retrograde menstruation, are key players in the establishment of endometriotic lesions. The aim of this study...

    Katharina Proestling, Peter Birner, Sukirthini Balendran, Nadine Nirtl, Erika Marton, Gülen Yerlikaya, Lorenz Kuessel, Theresa Reischer, Rene Wenzl, Berthold Streubel and Heinrich Husslein

    Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2016 14:81

    Published on: 24 November 2016

  5. Research

    Cryopreservation and xenografting of human ovarian fragments: medulla decreases the phosphatidylserine translocation rate

    Phosphatidylserine is the phospholipid component which plays a key role in cell cycle signaling, specifically in regards to necrosis and apoptosis. When a cell affected by some negative factors, phosphatidylse...

    Vladimir Isachenko, Plamen Todorov, Evgenia Isachenko, Gohar Rahimi, Bettina Hanstein, Mahmoud Salama, Peter Mallmann, Andrey Tchorbanov, Paul Hardiman, Natalie Getreu and Markus Merzenich

    Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2016 14:79

    Published on: 10 November 2016

  6. Research

    Characterization of exosomal release in bovine endometrial intercaruncular stromal cells

    Cell-to-cell communication between the blastocyst and endometrium is critical for implantation. In recent years, evidence has emerged from studies in humans and several other animal species that exosomes are s...

    Yong Qin Koh, Hassendrini N. Peiris, Kanchan Vaswani, Sarah Reed, Gregory E. Rice, Carlos Salomon and Murray D. Mitchell

    Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2016 14:78

    Published on: 9 November 2016

  7. Research

    Efficient generation of GGTA1-null Diannan miniature pigs using TALENs combined with somatic cell nuclear transfer

    α1,3-Galactosyltransferase (GGTA1) is essential for the biosynthesis of glycoproteins and therefore a simple and effective target for disrupting the expression of galactose α-1,3-galactose epitopes, which medi...

    Wenmin Cheng, Heng Zhao, Honghao Yu, Jige Xin, Jia Wang, Luyao Zeng, Zaimei Yuan, Yubo Qing, Honghui Li, Baoyu Jia, Cejun Yang, Youfeng Shen, Lu Zhao, Weirong Pan, Hong-Ye Zhao, Wei Wang…

    Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2016 14:77

    Published on: 8 November 2016

  8. Research

    The participation of the muscarinic receptors in the preoptic-anterior hypothalamic areas in the regulation of ovulation depends on the ovary

    Muscarinic receptors (mAChRs) of the preoptic and anterior hypothalamus areas (POA-AHA) regulate ovulation in an asymmetric manner during the estrous cycle. The aims of the present study were to analyze the ef...

    Adriana Espinosa-Valdez, Angélica Flores, Isabel Arrieta-Cruz, Mario Cárdenas, Roberto Chavira, Roberto Domínguez and María Esther Cruz

    Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2016 14:75

    Published on: 4 November 2016

  9. Review

    Risk of adverse pregnancy and perinatal outcomes after high technology infertility treatment: a comprehensive systematic review

    In the literature, there is growing evidence that subfertile patients who conceived after infertility treatments have an increased risk of pregnancy and perinatal complications and this is particularly true fo...

    Stefano Palomba, Roy Homburg, Susanna Santagni, Giovanni Battista La Sala and Raoul Orvieto

    Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2016 14:76

    Published on: 4 November 2016

  10. Research

    Assisted reproductive technology pregnancy complications are significantly associated with endometriosis severity before conception: a retrospective cohort study

    Endometriosis has been shown to be associated with second- to third-trimester pregnancy complications such as preterm birth and placenta previa, but the evidence is inconsistent. We hypothesized that endometri...

    Tatsuya Fujii, Osamu Wada-Hiraike, Takeshi Nagamatsu, Miyuki Harada, Tetsuya Hirata, Kaori Koga, Tomoyuki Fujii and Yutaka Osuga

    Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2016 14:73

    Published on: 3 November 2016

  11. Research

    Biallelic modification of IL2RG leads to severe combined immunodeficiency in pigs

    Pigs with SCID can be a useful model in regenerative medicine, xenotransplantation, and cancer cell transplantation studies. Utilizing genome editing technologies such as CRISPR/Cas9 system allows us to genera...

    Jung-Taek Kang, Bumrae Cho, Junghyun Ryu, Caitlin Ray, Eun-Jin Lee, Yun-Jin Yun, SunMi Ahn, JinSeok Lee, Dal-Young Ji, Nathaniel Jue, Sherrie Clark-Deener, Kiho Lee and Kwang-Wook Park

    Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2016 14:74

    Published on: 3 November 2016

  12. Research

    Involvement of mesosalpinx in endometrioma is a possible risk factor for decrease of ovarian reserve after cystectomy: a retrospective cohort study

    Serum anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) concentration has been used to assess ovarian reserve in patients with endometriosis, especially when endometrioma surgery is involved. Previously, we reported that decreased...

    Ai Saito, Akira Iwase, Tomoko Nakamura, Satoko Osuka, Bayasula, Tomohiko Murase, Nao Kato, Chiharu Ishida, Sachiko Takikawa, Maki Goto and Fumitaka Kikkawa

    Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2016 14:72

    Published on: 28 October 2016

  13. Research

    Second Harmonic Generation microscopy reveals collagen fibres are more organised in the cervix of postmenopausal women

    During labour, the cervix undergoes a series of changes to allow the passage of the fetoplacental unit. While this visible transformation is well-described, the underlying and causative microscopic changes, in...

    Brenda F. Narice, Nicola H. Green, Sheila MacNeil and Dilly Anumba

    Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2016 14:70

    Published on: 21 October 2016

  14. Research

    Local intra-uterine Ang-(1–7) infusion attenuates PGE2 and 6-keto PGF in decidualized uterus of pseudopregnant rats

    Cyclooxygenase (COX)-derived prostanoids (PGE2, PGI2) are important contributors to the process of decidualization. Previous studies showed the presence of Ang-(1-7) in the primary and secondary decidualized zone...

    K. Bridget Brosnihan, Victor M. Pulgar, Manish S. Bharadwaj, Liomar A. A. Neves and Liliya M. Yamaleyeva

    Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2016 14:68

    Published on: 18 October 2016

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2017 15:22

  15. Research

    Expression and regulation of ATF6α in the mouse uterus during embryo implantation

    ATF6α, one of the sensor proteins in the stress signaling pathway of the endoplasmic reticulum, is located in the membrane of the endoplasmic reticulum. To date, the physiological function of ATF6α in the proc...

    Yongjie Xiong, Wenzhe Li, Pengfei Lin, Lei Wang, Nan Wang, Fenglei Chen, Xiao Li, Aihua Wang and Yaping Jin

    Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2016 14:65

    Published on: 7 October 2016

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