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Table 1 Ovulatory response in rats with EV and blocking β-adrenergic receptors in ovaries at 60-day old

From: In rats with estradiol valerate-induced polycystic ovary syndrome, the acute blockade of ovarian β-adrenoreceptors improve ovulation

GroupsNOvulation rateOva shed
Vh1010/1012.3 ± 0.7
Vh + Pro1010/108.4 ± 1.0a
EV + Pro96/9a,b,c4.0 ± 1.67a
  1. Ovulation rate and number ova shed in animals treated with vehicle (Vh) or estradiol valerate (EV) at 10 day old and injected with propranolol (Pro) [10−4 M] [20 μL] into the both ovarian bursas at 60 day of age. The animals were sacrificed at next estrus day. Ovulation rate, ap < 0.05 vs Vh group, bp < 0.05 Vh + Pro or cp < 0.05 vs EV group (Fisher’s test); number ova shed ap < 0.05 vs Vh group (Kruskal-Wallis test)