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Fig. 4

From: A prepartum diet supplemented with oilseeds high in oleic or linoleic acid reduced GnRH-induced LH release in dairy cows during second week postpartum

Fig. 4

Effect of prepartum diets on GnRH-induced LH release during first and second week postpartum. Cows were fed experimental diets during the last five weeks of gestation and assigned for GnRH-induced LH measurement in postpartum wk1 (n = 5 per treatment) or wk2 (n = 5 or 6 per treatment). All cows responded to the GnRH treatment and had higher (P < 0.05) LH concentrations from 15 to 60 min post-treatment. However, prepartum dietary treatments did not affect GnRH-induced LH release pattern during wk1 postpartum (a). Prepartum diets significantly influenced GnRH-induced LH concentrations during wk2 postpartum (b). All cows responded to GnRH treatment, and LH concentrations remained elevated (P < 0.05) for up to 240 min post-treatment. Cows fed control (no oilseed) diet prepartum released more LH at 60, 90 and 120 min after GnRH administration than those fed sunflower or canola during wk2. The treatment by sampling time by week interaction was significant (P < 0.03)

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