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Fig. 1

From: A prepartum diet supplemented with oilseeds high in oleic or linoleic acid reduced GnRH-induced LH release in dairy cows during second week postpartum

Fig. 1

Experimental design and blood sample collection timelines. A. During dry period cows were fed diets supplemented with rolled canola (8 %), or sunflower (8 %) or control (no oilseed). B. During first and second week after calving, blood sample collection was performed to evaluate metabolites, LH pulsatility and GnRH-induced LH release. Cows sampled during first week (n = 5 cows per treatment) for LH pulsatility and GnRH-induced LH were not used in second week sampling (n = 5 or 6 cows per treatment). Blood samples for metabolites were taken from all cows during both weeks. C. Blood sampling design to evaluate LH pulsatility and GnRH-induced LH during first and second week postpartum. D. Blood was sampled every 15 min for 6 h to assess LH pulsatility. E. Blood samples were taken for 4 h, at 15 min intervals during first hour and then at 30 min intervals to evaluate GnRH-induced LH

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