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Table 2 GO enrichment analysis of 43 differential genes (partial)

From: Abnormally increased DNA methylation in chorionic tissue might play an important role in development of ectopic pregnancy

Category Functions % P-value Genes
CC focal adhesion 8.9 0.128 PARVG, PIP5K1C, TGFB1I1
CC integral component of membrane 32.4 0.291 IL18RAP, STX2, UMODL1, CD34, SDR42E1, PTPRN2, XKR5, ANO1, F2RL1, ROBO3, EMP3
CC plasma membrane 23.5 0.494 PARVG, IL18RAP, STX2, CD34, ANO1, F2RL1, EMP3, RHOF
CC cytoskeleton 8.8 0.117 PARVG, TGFB1I1, RHOF
BP positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter 14.7 0.070 CAMTA1, BCL11A, F2RL1, HOXD13, LMX1A,
MF zinc ion binding 11.8 0.267 ADAMTS14, PAPLN, TGFB1I1, LMX1A
BP transcription, DNA-templated 11.8 0.623 ZNF823, BCL11A, CAND2, LMX1A
MF DNA binding 8.8 0.745 ZNF823, HOXD13, LMX1A
CC nucleus 23.5 0.803 CAMTA1, ZNF823, BCL11A, CAND2, HOXD13, PIP5K1C, LMX1A, MAPKAPK2