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Table 1 Demographic characteristics and ART parameters of cases and controls

From: Does body mass index impact assisted reproductive technology treatment outcomes in gestational carriers

N of recordsMean (Std. Dev)P values
Age of pregnancy carrier
 GC cycles18731.83 (5.29)< 0.05
 Controls18537.38 (4.63) 
Age of egg source
 GC cycles18828.6 (5.5)< 0.05
 Controls18833.7 (10) 
Number of previous pregnancies
 GCs1883.28 (1.69)< 0.05
 Controls1880.94 (1.06) 
Number of previous deliveries
 GCs1882.32 (1.67)< 0.05
 Controls1880.18 (0.45) 
Endometrial Thickness (mm)
 GCs17910.13 (2.64)NS
 Controls14910.61 (1.95)