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Table 2 Between-group comparison of ovulation outcomes

From: Study on follicular fluid metabolomics components at different ages based on lipid metabolism

ItemYounger groupOlder groupχ2P-value
Oocytes retrieved rate (%)88.066.5162.8< 0.001*
2PN fertilization rate (%)88.377.19.80.002*
2PN cleavage rate (%)98.084.351.3< 0.001*
Transferable embryo rate (%)72.855.739.1< 0.001*
High-quality embryo rate (%)
  1. *Significant at P < 0.05
  2. Note: Transferable embryo rate = number of transferable embryos/2PN cleavage number; High-quality embryo rate = number of high-quality embryos/2PN cleavage number