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Table 2 Details of primary antibodies used for western blot and immunohistochemistry

From: Disruption of androgen signaling during puberty affects Notch pathway in rat seminiferous epithelium

AntibodyHost speciesVendorCat. NumberDilution
Anti-actinMouseSigma-AldrichA22281:3000 (WB)a
Anti-DLL1RabbitSigma-AldrichSAB21005931:1000 (WB), 1:100 (IHC)
Anti-DLL4RabbitAbcamAB72801:2000 (WB), 1:400 (IHC)
Anti-HES1RabbitThermo Fischer ScientificPA5–288021:1000 (WB); 1:100 (IHC)
Anti-HES5GoatSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-13,8591:300 (WB), 1:50 (IHC)
Anti-HEY1RabbitThermo Fischer ScientificPA5–405531:500 (WB), 1:100 (IHC)
Anti-JAG1RabbitThermo Fischer ScientificPA5–728431:3000(WB), 1:600 (IHC)
Anti-LHRRabbitSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-25,8281:1000 (WB), 1:200 (IHC)
Anti-N1ICDRabbitAbcamAb89251:1000 (WB), 1:200 (IHC)
Anti-N2ICDRabbitSigma-AldrichSAB45020201:500 (WB), 1:200 (IHC)
  1. aWB western blot, IHC immunohistochemistry