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Fig. 1

From: GnRH agonists to sustain the luteal phase in antagonist IVF cycles: a randomized prospective trial

Fig. 1

Comparison of results when no luteal triptorelin or different regimens of luteal triptorelin were given. AH = Antagonist cycles with HCG as a trigger . AHT1 = Antagonist cycles with HCG as a trigger and luteal triptorelin five injection . AHT2 = Antagonist cycles with HCG as a trigger and luteal triptorelin single bolus. BP = cycles with HCG positive; PR = Pregnancy rate (clinical pregnancy); DR = Delivery rate; AR = Abortion rate (ratio between the pregnancy that did not arrive to delivery and the total HCG positive); IR = Implantation rate. * = p < 0,05 difference between groups with and without Triptorelin.

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