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Fig. 3 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Fig. 3

From: MicroRNA-200b and microRNA-200c are up-regulated in PCOS granulosa cell and inhibit KGN cell proliferation via targeting PTEN

Fig. 3

PTEN was a direct target of miR-200b and miR-200c in KGN cells. (a) and (c) Schematic diagram of the reporter constructs containing the predicted miR-200b and miR-200c binding sites in the 3’UTR of PTEN. (b) and (d) The luciferase activity was significantly decreased in HEK293T cells by co-transfecting miR-200b or miR-200c mimics with PTEN WT 3’UTR, while there was no change with PTEN MUT 3’UTR (n = 6). (e) and (f) The mRNA and protein levels of PTEN after miR-200b mimics transfection (n = 3). (g) and (h) The mRNA and protein levels of PTEN after miR-200b inhibitor transfection (n = 3). (i) and (j) The protein levels of PTEN after miR-200c mimics or inhibitor transfection (n = 3). The results were representative of three independent experiments. Statistical analysis was performed by Student’s t-test. Data were shown as the mean ± SD. *P < 0.05; **P < 0.001; ***P < 0.001

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