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Table 5 Pearson correlation (r) between AUC of plasma RARRES2 concentration and reproductive parameters including HE and LE animals

From: Possible involvement of the RARRES2/CMKLR1-system in metabolic and reproductive parameters in Holstein dairy cows

Commencement of luteal activity (days) r 0.08
P 0.83
Cycle length (days) r −0.26
P 0.43
Number of follicular waves r −0.47
P 0.12
Number of small follicles r −0.56
P 0.05
Number of medium follicles r −0.34
P 0.29
Number of large follicles r −0.40
P 0.20
Calving-first AI interval (days) r 0.10
P 0.88
Calving-calving interval (days) r −0.69
P 0.24
Success rate 35 days after AI r −0.13
P 0.70
Success rate 90 days after AI r −0.13
P 0.70
  1. The correlation was noted “r” and P-value (P) was considered significant if P < 0.05 (bold). AUC Area under the plasma RARRES2