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Fig. 6 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Fig. 6

From: The relationship between gonadotropin releasing hormone and ovulation inducing factor/nerve growth factor receptors in the hypothalamus of the llama

Fig. 6

A representation of the distribution of TrkA (stars), p75 (dots), and GnRH (triangles) neurons in the hypothalamus of llamas. Tracings were made from transverse (coronal) sections, progressing from cranial to caudal, of the diagonal band of Broca/medial septum (a), preoptic area (b), anterior hypothalamus (c), and medio-basal hypothalamus (d). For a given histological section, each symbol represents approximately 10 neurons for TrkA and p75, and 5 neurons for GnRH. Each diagram is divided at the midline (dashed line) to permit representation of TrkA on the left and p75 on the right. MS: medial septum, DBB: diagonal band of Broca, MPOA: medial preoptic area, AC: anterior commissure, OC: optic chiasma, Fx: fornix, AHA: anterior hypothalamic area, OT: optic tract, MBH: medio-basal hypothalamus, 3rdV: third ventricle, AP: anterior pituitary

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