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Table 3 Imputation table of parentally transmitted fetal alleles based on family triad genotypes

From: Associations between the maternal circulating lipid profile in pregnancy and fetal imprinted gene alleles: a cohort study

Paternal Genotype Maternal Genotype Fetal Genotype Paternally-transmitted Allele Maternally-transmitted Allele
A/A A/a A/A A A
A/A A/a A/a A a
A/A a/a A/a A a
A/a A/A A/A A A
A/a A/A A/a a A
A/a A/a A/A A A
A/a A/a A/a Uninformative Uninformative
A/a A/a a/a a a
A/a a/a A/a A a
A/a a/a a/a a a
a/a A/A A/a a A
a/a A/a A/a a A
a/a A/a a/a a a
a/a a/a a/a a a
  1. “A” represents the major allele of a SNP and “a” the minor allele based on frequency