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Fig. 4

From: Human sperm acrosome function assays are predictive of fertilization rate in vitro: a retrospective cohort study and meta-analysis

Fig. 4

a Graph of SROC curve for induced AR assay. Lower induced AR% was predictive of lower FR with moderate accuracy (AUC = 0.84). c, e Sensitivity analysis plots for spontaneous (c) and induced AR assay (e). The goodness-of-fit and bivariate normality analyses showed that the bivariate model was moderately robust. The influence analysis and outlier detection identified one outlier for spontaneous AR assay, but there was no outlier was identified for induced AR assay. b, d, f Funnel plots for AE assay (b), spontaneous (d) and induced assay (f). The studies were distributed symmetrically without obvious publication bias in three funnel plots

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