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Fig. 3 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Fig. 3

From: Anti-human platelet antigen (HPA)-1a antibodies may affect trophoblast functions crucial for placental development: a laboratory study using an in vitro model

Fig. 3

Effect of anti-HPA-1a antibodies on invasive capacity of EVT. HTR8/SVneo cells were cultured in Matrigel coated chambers in the presence of mAb 26.4 or human IgG1 as a negative control for 48 h. The samples were run in quadruplicates and experiment repeated four times. Each column represent the range in cell index of one sample run in quadruplicate. Cell invasion was evaluated by MTT-assay. The invasion data is expressed as the ratio of invasion through the Matrigel Matrix and membrane relative to the migration through the control membrane

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