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Table 2 SOX15 mRNA expression in EP endometrium and endometriotic tissue of the same patient

From: Enhanced expression of the stemness-related factors OCT4, SOX15 and TWIST1 in ectopic endometrium of endometriosis patients

  SOX15 mRNA in endometriotic tissue
Total neg pos P-value
SOX15 mRNA in EP endometrium neg 17 2 (11.8%) 15 (88.2%) 0.041
pos 12 5 (41.7%) 7 (58.3%)
  1. Numbers of patients in each of the indicated subgroups are shown. Numbers in parentheses indicate the fraction of patients (%) in each row in ectopic endometriotic lesions negative and positive for SOX15. All p-values of subgroup comparisons were analysed by McNemar Test