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Table 4 Association between expression of HSP70 in embryos and other variables following CUMS

From: HSP70 overexpression may play a protective role in the mouse embryos stimulated by CUMS

  r P value
No. of oocytes 0.276 <0.05
Fertilization rate 0.492 <0.05
No. of 2-cell embryos 0.325 <0.05
HSP70 mRNA of 2-cell embryos 0.576 <0.05
No. of D4 embryos 0.355 <0.05
No. of high quality embryos 0.423 <0.05
High quality embryo rate 0.537 <0.05
No. of blastocysts 0.413 <0.05
Blastocyst formation rate 0.277 NS
Body weight of mice 0.252 NS
  1. Data were analyzed using linear correlation