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Table 2 Number of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in epithelial cells of the ampulla and isthmus between follicular and luteal phase groups (FDR adjusted P < 0.05)

From: A transcriptomal analysis of bovine oviductal epithelial cells collected during the follicular phase versus the luteal phase of the estrous cycle

Parameter DEGs Up-regulated Down-regulated
FP vs. LP (Ampulla) 1563 968 (62 %) 595 (38 %)
FP vs. LP (Isthmus) 1758 943 (54 %) 815 (46 %)
  1. Heifers in the follicular phase group (n = 3) were treated with 25 mg PGF2α at 8 pm on Day 6 of the estrous cycle and killed 36 h later. Heifers in the luteal phase group (n = 3) were killed on Day 11 or 12 of the estrous cycle. For statistical analysis, an F-test on least-square means was used to determine significance of each transcript in each comparison. Benjamini-hochberg multiple testing correction for false discovery rate (FDR) was applied and significance set to FDR adjusted P-value < 0.05