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Table 2 Calculated data taken from the WHO regarding infertile women, extrapolated to men, globally ranging from 1994-2000 [9]

From: A unique view on male infertility around the globe

  Total Infertility Rate as reported by female partners (women who have had sexual intercourse but no pregnancy, ages 15-49) Male factor only (20-30%); Female factor not involved Male factor Involved (40-55%) Female factor involved (50%)
Sub-Saharan Africa 14.20%a [18] 2.84%-4.26%b,c 2.84%-5.68% [19] 7.1%
Central/East Asia 10.23%a [18] 2.05%-3.07%b 3.79% [19] 5.1%
North/West Africa 21.18%a [18] 4.24%-6.35%b 8.47-11.65% [19] 10.6%
Latin America/Caribbean 13.70%a [18] 2.74%-4.11%b 7.12% [19] 6.85%
  1. aFemale data reported by country; we used the mean of these countries’ data to define the region’s average reported infertility.
  2. bMale data calculated based on the argument that while 50% of infertility is due to females, 20-30% is due to males. Specific male infertility rates for these regions are not well reported.
  3. cData calculated from a different source than Sub-Saharan Africa calculations in Table 1.