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Table 1 This table shows male infertility, based on various studies reporting male or female infertility globally

From: A unique view on male infertility around the globe

  Males that are reported infertile Couples that are reported infertile Couples in which the male factor is one of multiple factors involved
North America 4.5-6%a 15% 50%
Middle East Unknown Unknown 60%-70%b [23]
Sub-Saharan Africa 2.5%-4.8%a 12.5%-16% [22] 20-40% [22]
Europe 7.5%a [11] 15% [11] 50% of all infertile couples
Australia 8%; 9%b [10] 15% 40% [17]
Central/Eastern Europe 8%-12% [6,14] 20% [14] 56% [6]
Asia Unknown Unknown 37% [19]
Latin America Unknown Unknown 52% [19]
Africa Unknown Unknown 43% [19]
  1. aPercentages were calculated from data reported on female infertility, using the assumption that 50% of infertility cases are due to females only, and 20-30% are due to male factor only.
  2. bStudy states that 60-70% of all men presenting to IVF clinics in the Middle East have some involvement in the cause of infertility.