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Table 1 Successful use of anastrozole in the treatment of endometriosis associated symptoms

From: The emerging use of aromatase inhibitors for endometriosis treatment

Patient group Summary of Results Reference
Case report
(one post-menopausal patient, recurrent endometriosis)
Rapid decrease in pelvic pain
Decrease in implant mass
[18] Takayama et al.
Pre-menopausal women (N = 2) (intolerant/failed previous treatment, severe pain symptoms) Decrease in associated symptoms
Decrease in implant mass (1 of 2 patients)
[19] Shippen & West
Pre-menopausal women (N = 15)
(refractory endometriosis, pelvic pain)
Decreased pelvic pain, affect on implant
mass not determined
[20] Amsterdam et al.
Pre-menopausal women (N = 80)
(prior conservative surgical therapy; N = 40 goserelin vs. N = 40 goserelin + anastrozole)
Decreased symptom recurrence rate
Increased pain-free interval
[21] Soysal et al.
Pre-menopausal women (N = 10)
(endometriosis resistant to conventional therapy)
Increased quality of life, decreased
dyspareunia (9/10 patients), change in implant mass inconclusive
[22] Hefler et al.
Pre-menopausal women (N = 3)
(endometriosis resistant to conventional therapy)
Decreased pelvic pain, affect on implant mass not determined [23] Verma & Konje