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Table 2 Transcription factors and miRNAs showing enrichment and potentially contributing to expression responses in the indicated gene classes and TFS groups.

From: Complex modulation of androgen responsive gene expression by methoxyacetic acid

Class TFS group Motif name miRNA name
I 9.1001 MEF2A -
  9.2002 FOXO, LEF1, STAT5B, POU1F1, NFAT, TLX-2, GATA-1, STAT5a, MAZ, IRF-7, TAF, FOXF2, JUN, FOXA1, FOXJ1, ZHX2 MIR-23B, MIR-144, MIR-142
  6.0110 MEF2A -
  15.2112 TGIF -
IIa 8.0002 E2F, TCF3, ETS-2, PAX4 -
IIb 4.0010 MEF2A -
  4.0020 HOXA4, GCM1, RFX1, GATA3 MIR-24
  13.2022 TAF -
IIc 12.0022 TCF8, FOXO, TAF MIR-524
IIIa 1.1000 STAT5B, STAT5A, PGR, LEF1, TCF3, FOXF2, E4F1 MIR-124A, MIR-17-5P, MIR-20A, MIR-106A, MIR-106B, MIR-20B, MIR-519D", MIR-182, MIR-200B, MIR-200C, MIR-429, MIR-202, MIR-199A, MIR-519E, MIR-9
IIIb 2.0100 MYCN, OLF1, MYOD1 -
  2.0200 - MIR-493
- 11.1101 LEF1 -
  1. Motifs and miRNAs within each TFS group are listed in order of decreasing enrichment p-value, based on data provided in Additional file 3, Table S3B.