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Figure 5

From: Circulating LH/hCG receptor (LHCGR) may identify pre-treatment IVF patients at risk of OHSS and poor implantation

Figure 5

Quantitative inhibition of the release of oocytes by high pre-treatment serum sLHCGR following COS. The ratio, sLHCGR:Oocyte, was determined by calculating the sLHCGR molecules (pmol/mL) per oocyte in women who had ≥ 15 oocytes (a) and those who yielded b) < 15 and ≤ 5 oocytes. The percentage of sLHCGR bound to LH (sLHCGR/LH-sLHCGR%) with respect to the yield of oocytes and treatment outcome (c & d). The level of significance (P values) determined by comparing different groups are shown. NP, Not pregnant; P, Pregnant.

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