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Table 1 Follicles and corpora lutea per ovarian section in LD Siberian hamster estrous cycle

From: Ovarian matrix metalloproteinases are differentially regulated during the estrous cycle but not during short photoperiod induced regression in Siberian hamsters (Phodopus sungorus)

Estrous group Preantral Antral Atretic Corpora Lutea
Proestrus 7.00 (0.7)a 0.72 (0.2)ac 0.77 (0.2)a 0.10 (0.0)a
Estrus 6.17 (0.8)a 2.02 (0.5)b 1.13 (0.5)a 0.24 (0.1)a
Diestrus I 4.77 (1.0)ab 1.10 (0.2)a 0.97 (0.1)a 0.90 (0.2)b
Diestrus II 2.79 (0.5)b 0.15 (0.1)c 3.43 (0.7)b 0.97 (0.1)b
  1. Values represented as mean (SEM). Groups with different letters are significantly different (p < 0.05).