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Table 3 Ewe leptin concentrations throughout the experimental period

From: Different levels of overnutrition and weight gain during pregnancy have differential effects on fetal growth and organ development

  Control, n = 7 OW125, n = 7 OB150, n = 4
Sample point Mean SE Mean SE Mean SE
Leptin, ng/mL
Diet initiation 1.66a,A 0.14 1.95a,A 0.10 1.90a,A 0.26
Breeding 2.29a,A 0.21 6.76b,B 0.78 7.47b,B 1.21
Mid-gestation 3.04a,A 0.42 6.22b,B 1.23 11.29c,C 2.38
  1. Superscripts in lower case indicate significant differences (P < 0.05) between treatment groups within a sample point (across rows) and upper case indicate differences (P < 0.05) between sample points within a treatment group (down columns). Number of observations (n) denoted represents number of ewes.