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Table 3 Gene functional clusters affected by MAA for each sub-group

From: Impact of methoxyacetic acid on mouse Leydig cell gene expression

Response Top term Enrich-ment score Cluster gene count p-value
Early transient GO:0045449, Regulation of transcription 5.96 106 3.23E-07
  GO:0044424, Intracellular part 5.8 211 1.11E-06
  GO:0065007, Biological regulation 5.54 124 6.15E-07
Early sustained GO:0050794, Regulation of cellular process 3.41 66 1.85E-04
  IPR000867: Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein, IGFBP 3.04 4 6.28E-04
  Domain: von Willebrand factor, type C 2.91 4 4.81E-04
Early persistent GO:0048731, System development 2.19 48 1.19E-03
  GO:0048514, Blood vessel morphogenesis 2.13 9 2.17E-03
  GO:0044421, Extracellular region part 2.07 43 6.46E-03
Mid transient GO:0007155, Cell adhesion 3.11 34 3.28E-04
  GO:0044237, Cellular metabolic process 2.25 347 1.60E-04
  IPR004021: HIN-200/IF120x 2.13 5 9.10E-04
Mid sustained GO:0044421, Extracellular region part 8.22 109 7.30E-10
  IPR015493: Protocadherin beta 6.56 15 1.68E-12
  IPR003128: Villin headpiece 4.39 5 2.85E-05
Late GO:0044421, Extracellular region part 10.34 165 5.60E-12
  GO:0048856, Anatomical structure development 4.4 144 1.10E-05
  GO:0044449, Contractile fiber part 3.47 12 1.75E-04
  1. Listed are the top three gene functional clusters affected by MAA as determined using DAVID database. The top term for each cluster, the cluster enrichment score and the number of regulated genes in each cluster are listed.