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Figure 1 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Figure 1

From: Solid-surface vitrification is an appropriate and convenient method for cryopreservation of isolated rat follicles

Figure 1

Viability assessment of isolated follicles after cryopreservation. Through the viability assessment, isolated follicles were classified into three categories. A, totally viable follicles: follicles with oocyte and all granulose cells viable (1 and 2 showed the images obtained for the same follicle with two filters to visualize green fluorescence or red fluorescence for live or dead cells, respectively); B, damaged follicles: follicles with a viable oocyte and dead granulosa cells; and C, dead follicles: follicles with both oocyte and granulosa cells dead. Original magnification = 200×.

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