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Table 3 List of transcription factors by functional category

From: Prolactin signaling through the short isoform of the mouse prolactin receptor regulates DNA binding of specific transcription factors, often with opposite effects in different reproductive issues

A. Growth and Differentiation
Decidua Ovary
Myb Activated C/EBPalpha Activated
ODC Activated c-Myb Activated
Pax1 Activated EGR1 Inhibited
RUNX1 Activated HIF-1 Activated
PRDII-BF1 Activated NZF-3 Activated
RFX1/2/3 Activated TFIID Activated
TEF1 Activated   
TFEB Activated   
AP-2 Inhibited   
c-Myb BP Inhibited   
HIF-1 Inhibited   
MT-Box Inhibited   
MTF-1 Inhibited   
RAR (DR-5) Inhibited   
B.Development and Steroidogenesis
Decidua Ovary
CTCF Inhibited Cdx2 Inhibited
HFH-3 Inhibited COUP-TF Activated
HOXD8,9,10 Activated EKLF Activated
Pax6 Activated GATA-4 Activated
Pax8 Activated MZF1 Activated
   Pax4 Activated
   Pax6 Activated
C. Immune Response
Decidua Ovary
Pax5 Activated AML1 Activated
CDP Inhibited GRE Activated
NFIL-2 Inhibited LyF-1 Activated
RORE Inhibited NFAT Activated
   Pax5 Activated
D. Inflammation/Stress
Decidua Ovary
Foxo4 Activated Foxo4 Inhibited
NFkB Activated NFkB Inhibited
Sp1 Inhibited Sp1 Inhibited
   E4BP4 Inhibited
E. Glucose Metabolism
ADR1 Activated   
ANG-IRE Activated   
MUSF1 Activated   
PTF1 Activated   
RIPE3a1 Activated   
L-III BP Inhibited