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Table 1 Optimal concentrations of Glutathione peroxidase reaction medium.

From: Red blood cell glutathione peroxidase activity in female nulligravid and pregnant rats

Content Concentration
Potassium phosphate, containing 2,5 mM Na2EDTA, 2,5 mM sodium azide, pH 7.0 0,5 M
Glutathione reductase (from baker yeast, ammonium sulfate suspension, 100–300 U/mg protein) in the same phosphate buffer; 0,18 U/ml: at 25°C
GSH (>98%) in distilled water 100 mM
NADPH (~95%) in 0,1% NaHCO3 solution 10 mM
Cumene hydroperoxide (>80%) in distilled water 60 mM