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Table 1 Used antibodies, suppliers, antigen retrieval and dilutions.

From: An imbalance between apoptosis and proliferation contributes to follicular persistence in polycystic ovaries in rats

Antibodies Clone/Source IHC antigen retrieval Dilution
Primary antibodies
PCNA PC-10. Novocastra (UK) Buffer Citrate pH 6. Microwave. 1:100
Ki-67 MIB-5. Dako (Denmark) Buffer Citrate pH 6. Microwave. 1:60
Active Caspase-3 Polyclonal. R&D systems (USA) Without antigen retrieval 1:500
Bax Polyclonal. PU347-UP-Biogenex (San Ramon, CA, USA) Without antigen retrieval 1:30
Bcl-2 Clone 100. Zymed (San Francisco, CA, USA) Without antigen retrieval 1:50
Bcl-w Polyclonal. ab 13525-Abcam (Cambridge, UK) Without antigen retrieval 1:100
Bcl-xL Polyclonal. ab 45002-Abcam (Cambridge, UK) Without antigen retrieval 1:500
Secondary antibodies
Anti-rabbit IgG Goat Polyclonal. 65-6140-Zymed (San Francisco, CA, USA) - 1:100
Anti-mouse IgG Goat Polyclonal. AP181B Chemicon (Temecula, CA, USA) - 1:100