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Table 6 The highest scoring networks after NASP siRNA treatment (downregulated genes)

From: Analysis of gene expression profiles in HeLa cells in response to overexpression or siRNA-mediated depletion of NASP

  Focus genes Interacting genes Score Top functions
1 ACTA1, ACTA2 (includes EG:59), ARL1, ATP2B4, CNN1, DCBLD2, FGF2, HOXA10, ITGA5, ITGB3, MAP2K1, SEC13, SHOC2, SRF, TNC Actin, Akt, Alpha actin, ERK, ERK1/2, FSH, IKK, Integrin, Jnk, Mapk, Mek, Pdgf, PDGF BB, PI3K, Pkc(s), PLC gamma, Pld, Ras, Tgf beta, Vegf 31 cellular assembly and organization, cell-to-cell signaling and interaction, viral infection
2 CDCP1, CROT, DYX1C1, ERLIN2, GCOM1, GLS, GPR137B, HIST2H2AA3, PPM1K, SLAIN2, SPOCD1, TTC39A, TUBB3, ZDHHC2 beta-estradiol, F2, HSPA1A, HSPA1L, IFRD2, KYNU, MAPK11 PREDICTED, VCP, MFHAS1, MMD, NFRKB, NOS3, PGLYRP1, SAMD4A, SLC16A5, SPR, TNF, TXN2, YWHAZ, ZDHHC8, ZNF267 28 cardiovascular system development and function, tissue morphology, organismal development
3 ACADL, ACADSB, CPEB3, ENTPD7, EVI5, CFI, CPA4, TLR3 GATM, LIPH GBP3, RFK, PPP1R9A, OSTM1 9330129D05RIK, ACAD8, ACAD9, ACAD10, ACAD11, Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase, C3, CDKN2A, CFHR3, CFHR5, F Actin, Glycogen synthase, GTP, heparin, IL4, IWS1, NFkB, NFYB, Pka, PLK1, RAB1A 28 lipid metabolism, molecular transport, small molecule biochemistry
4 DCP2, FABP5, GLT8D3, HIST1H1C, HIST1H2BK, NASP, NUPL1, PCDH7, PPP1R3B, SEPX1, TM9SF4, UBE2N ANXA9, DHX8, ERLIN1, FASTKD2, HNF4A, IL1B, MGEA5, MRTO4, NAT13, NUDT11, NUP62, OTUD7B, PHPT1, PSMC3, REXO2, SEC11A, MEM176B, TMEM189-UBE2V1, TRAF6, TRAFD1, Ube2n-Ube2v1, UHRF1, WRNIP1 23 cell signaling, cancer, cellular compromise