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Table 4 The highest scoring networks after NASP overexpression

From: Analysis of gene expression profiles in HeLa cells in response to overexpression or siRNA-mediated depletion of NASP

  Focus genes Interacting genes Score Top functions
1 ATF3, CXCL2, DUSP5, GDF15, IFI6, IFI27, IFIH1, IFITM1, IRF7, IRF9, KRT34, OAS1, OAS3 (includes EG:4940), OASL, PARP9, RELB, STAT1, TNF, TNFAIP3 Cyclooxygenase, IFN Beta, Ifn gamma, IL1/IL6/TNF, Interferon alpha, Interferon beta, IRF, ISGF3, LDL, MHC Class I, NF-κB, NfkB-RelA, SAA@, Sod, Stat1-Stat2, Tlr 44 organismal injury and abnormalities, gene expression, immune response
2 CXCL1, CXCL3, DDIT3, DKK1, EREG, OSL1, IL8, L11, IL1A, PHLDA1, PTGS2, PPP1R15A (includes EG:23645) Akt, ALP, Ap1, Cbp/p300, Creb, ERK, hCG, Hsp27, Hsp90, IKK, IL1, JAK, MAP2K1/2, Nos, P38 MAPK, Pdgf, PDGF BB, PI3K, Pkc(s), PLC, STAT, Tgf beta, Vegf 25 cellular growth and proliferation, cellular movement, hematological system function
3 BIRC3, ETV5, GADD45A, IL6, RRAD, STC2 ABLIM, ADCY, CAP2, Ck2, Caspase, Cytochrome C, FSH, DYRK3, Histone h3, Hsp70, IL12, IL1/IL6/TNF, IL1F8, IL1F9, Insulin, Jnk, Mapk, Nfat, NFkB, Pka, Proteasome, Rac, Ras, RNA polymerase II, STAT5a/b, UBR2, Vacuolar H+ ATPase, ZNF274, ZNF675 10 infectious disease, cell cycle, cancer
  Focus genes Interacting genes Score Top functions
1 AQP5, EGR1, FOS, KRT19, LMO1, NFE2, TNF ADCYAP1, AKR1B10, ARF4, ASC2, BARX2, BPI, CCL9, COBRA1, CXCL16, DGCR6, EMB, FOXF1, GFPT2, HMBS, IL1/IL6/TNF, IL1F9, JUN, LOC729687, LTBP2, MFHAS1, NFkB, RFTN1, SFI1, SLC7A1, TNIP3, TRAFD1, Vacuolar H+ ATPase, WNT10A 17 gene expression, cell cycle, cellular development