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Table 4 Fold-change in the gravid d18.0 Cox-1 KO mouse uterus known progesterone-regulated genes compared to wild-type

From: Identification of 9 uterine genes that are regulated during mouse pregnancy and exhibit abnormal levels in the cyclooxygenase-1 knockout mouse

Gene Symbol Cox-1 KO vs. WT GenBank
Ihh 1.09 NM_010544
Fst 1.01 NM_008046
Areg signal too low NM_009704
Hdc 1.08 NM_008230
Hoxa10 -1.09 NM_008263
Hoxa11 -1.12 NM_010450
IGF-1 -1.36 NM_184052
Irg1 -1.24 L38281
PR -1.04 NM_008829
Calca 1.2 NM_007587
Klk6 -1.48* NM_010639
MMP11 1.2 NM_008606
CSPG2 1.1 NM_001081249
Col6A3 -1.02 NM009935
Cdh11 -1.25 NM_009866
Cst3 1.03 NM_009976
  1. 1Expression by microarray analysis in the Cox-1 KO (knockout) compared to WT (wild-type) mice.
  2. * p < 0.05