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Figure 8

From: Placentation in the paca (Agouti paca L)

Figure 8

Ultrastructure of the subplacenta and junctional zone of the paca placenta. (A) The cytotrophoblast layer (cy tr) is multilaminar with dilated intercellular spaces. The cells are characterized by their large nuclei. They rest on a thin basement membrane (bm) which separates them from the fetal mesenchyme. (B) The syncytiotrophoblast (sy tr) contains electron-dense droplets (dd). Microvilli project from the syncytiotrophoblast into lacunae containing material of moderate electron density (arrows). (C) Multinucleated giant cells from the junctional zone. The cytoplasm has electron transparent areas, giving it a vacuolated appearance. (D) Two giant cells (gc) separated by intercellular matrix into which they send processes (arrows). Scale bars: 5 μm (A-C); 1 μm (D).

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