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Table 3 Various approaches to improve treatment outcome after ovarian stimulation:

From: The role of aromatase inhibitors in ameliorating deleterious effects of ovarian stimulation on outcome of infertility treatment

(1) Approaches involving ovarian stimulation protocols:
A: Reduce intensity of ovarian stimulation
- No stimulation: natural cycle
- Minimal stimulation
- Step-down protocol
B: The application of new medications
- Recombinant FSH
- Recombinant LH
- GnRH antagonists
C: The use of adjuvant medication
- Insulin sensitizers
- Corticosteroids
- Other medications
(2) Improving embryology techniques
- Improving embryo culture conditions, selection and extending embryo culture (blastocyst transfer)
- Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
- In vitro maturation
- Micromanipulation including: ICSI, assisted hatching, mitochondrial injection and cytoplasmic and nuclear transfer.
(3) The use of aromatase inhibitors for
- Improving implantation rates
- Reducing FSH dose required for ovarian stimulation:
- Other possible benefits:
* Improving response to FSH stimulation in poor responders
* Preventing premature endogenous gonadotropin surge
* Reducing the risk of severe ovarian hyperstimulation