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Table 1 Maternal and fetal MTHFR 677T alleles in human spontaneous abortion.

From: Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase and transcobalamin genetic polymorphisms in human spontaneous abortion: biological and clinical implications

Recurrent spontaneous abortion   
Maternal genotypes   
Foka et al. [58] 80/100 No risk
Holmes et al. [59] 173/67 No risk
Kumar et al. [56] 24/24 Increased risk
Kutteh et al. [60] 50/50 No risk
Lissak et al. [55] 41/18 Increased risk
Murphy et al. [61] 40/540 No risk
Nelen et al. [53] 185/113 Increased risk
Pihusch et al. [62] 102/128 No risk
Wramsby et al. [63] 84/69 No risk
Non-recurrent spontaneous abortion   
Maternal genotypes a   
Alfirevic et al. [64] 18/44 No risk
Gris et al. [65] 232/464 No risk
Kupferminc et al. [66] 12/110 No risk
Many et al. [67] 40/80 No risk
Martinelli et al. [68] 67/232 No risk
Murphy et al. [61] 24/540 No risk
Spontaneous abortion   
Fetal genotypes   
Isotalo et al. [69] 161/119 Increased risk b
Zetterberg et al. [22] 80/125 Increased risk b
Zetterberg et al. [71] 76/114 Increased risk c
  1. aFive of these six studies examined late fetal loss (fetal death after 19 weeks or more of gestation) bInteraction between fetal MTHFR 677T and 1298C alleles cInteraction between fetal MTHFR 677T and TC 776G alleles