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Table 1 Primary antibodies used for immunohistochemistry.

From: Endometrial glands as a source of nutrients, growth factors and cytokines during the first trimester of human pregnancy: A morphological and immunohistochemical study

Antigen Species Type Dilution Retrieval Supplier
Alpha tocopherol transfer protein Rabbit Polyclonal 1:300 Yes Dr D Kaempf-Rotzoll
Cathepsin D Rabbit Polyclonal 1:200 No (frozen) Biogenesis
CD56 Mouse Monoclonal 1:100 Yes Zymed
CD68 Mouse Monoclonal 1:100 Yes Dako
Cytokeratin 7 Mouse Monoclonal 1:100 No Dako
Epidermal growth factor Rabbit Polyclonal 1:50 No Autogen Bioclear
Glycodelin Mouse Monoclonal 1:10 No (frozen) Prof. M Seppälä
Human placental lactogen Rabbit Polyclonal 1:200 Yes Dako
Lactoferrin Rabbit Polyclonal 1:200 No Dako
Leukaemia inhibitory factor Goat Polyclonal 1:200 No Santa Cruz
R5Mucin-1 Mouse Monoclonal 1:100 Yes Abcam
Transforming growth factor β3 Rabbit Polyclonal 1:300 Yes Santa Cruz
Vascular endothelial growth factor Goat Polyclonal 1:400 No Santa Cruz