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Table 1 Members of the mouse and rat PRL and GH gene families

From: The prolactin and growth hormone families: Pregnancy-specific hormones/cytokines at the maternal-fetal interface

Member Abbreviation Mouse GenBank Accession No. Rat GenBank Accession No.
Prolactin family members*    
   Prolactin PRL NM_011164 NM_012629
   Placental lactogen-Iα PL-Iα AF525162 D21103
   Placental lactogen-Iβ PL-Iβ NM_172155 ---
   Placental lactogen-Iγ PL-Iγ NM_172156 ---
   Placental lactogen-I variant PL-Iv --- NM_033233
   Placental lactogen-II PL-II M14647 M13749
   Proliferin-1 PLF-1 NM_031191 ---
   Proliferin-2 PLF-2 K03235 ---
   Proliferin-3 PLF-3 NM_011954 ---
   Proliferin-4 PLF-4 AF128884 ---
   Proliferin-related protein PLF-RP NM_011120 NM_053364
   Prolactin-like protein-A PLP-A NM_011165 NM_017036
   Prolactin-like protein-B PLP-B NM_011166 M31155
   Prolactin-like protein-C PLP-C --- NM_173110
   Prolactin-like protein-C variant PLP-Cv --- NM_020079
   Prolactin-like protein-Cα PLP-Cα NM_011167 ---
   Prolactin-like protein-Cβ PLP-Cβ NM_023332 NM_134385
   Prolactin-like protein-Cγ PLP-Cγ NM_023741 ---
   Prolactin-like protein-Cδ PLP-Cδ NM_028477 ---
   Prolactin-like protein-D PLP-D --- NM_022537
   Prolactin-like protein-H PLP-H --- NM_021580
   Decidual prolactin-related protein DPRP NM_010088 NM_022846
   Prolactin-like protein-E PLP-E NM_008930 ---
   Prolactin-like protein-F PLP-F NM_011168 NM_022530
   Prolactin-like protein-I PLP-I AF525154 NM_153736
   Prolactin-like protein-J PLP-J NM_013766 NM_031316
   Prolactin-like protein-K PLP-K NM_025532 NM_138861
   Prolactin-like protein-L PLP-L NM_023746 NM_138527
   Prolactin-like protein-M PLP-M NM_019991 NM_053791
   Prolactin-like protein-N PLP-N AF525156 NM_153738
   Prolactin-like protein-O PLP-O NM_026206 ---
Growth hormone family member    
   Growth hormone GH NM_008117 V01237
  1. *Please note that additional candidate rat PRL family genes have been identified from the rat genome project, which have not yet been investigated.