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Table 1 Comparison of nonprimate and primate placental MHC biology

From: Pregnancy initiation in the rhesus macaque: Towards functional manipulation of the maternal-fetal interface

• trophoblasts lack MHC class I expression [5]
• Trophoblasts from cloned fetuses express MHC class I, cow has altered endometrial immune cells [5]
• trophoblasts express classical MHC class I [6]
• mare raises an alloresponse to paternal MHC [7]
• no trophoblast MHC class I [8]
• pregnancy is successful despite transgenic MHC expression (or β2 m knockout) [8, 9]
• disruption of T cell or complement regulation detrimental to pregnancy success [10, 11]
nonhuman primate:
• lack of functional HLA-G locus [28]
• nonclassical MHC class I expression: Mamu-AG [29], Mamu-E [30]
• novel MHC class I expression, Mamu-I [31]
• extravillous trophoblast HLA-G expression [12, 13]
• abundant placental nonclassical MHC expression (HLA-E, HLA-F) [15,22]
• placental HLA-C expression in some cytotrophoblasts [14]
HLA-G homologs have not been identified in nonprimate species