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Figure 2

From: A review of luteinising hormone and human chorionic gonadotropin when used in assisted reproductive technology

Figure 2

LH immunoassay concentrations over time after three routes of administration. Log-linear plot of LH immunoassay concentrations over time after Single IV (solid line), IM (long dashed line), and SC short dashed line administration of 10,000 IU of r-hLH (mean ± 1 SEM, 12 subjects). Reprinted from Fertil Steril, 69, le Cotonnec JY, Porchet HC, Beltrami V, Munafo A, Clinical pharmacology of recombinant human luteinizing hormone: Part II. Bioavailability of recombinant human luteinizing hormone assessed with an immunoassay and an in vitro bioassay, pages 195–200, Copyright 1998, with permission from Elsevier [20].

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