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Table 2 Mean (±SEM) fecal progesterone metabolites [FPM] of hinds of the species Mazama gouazoubira , in the different phases of two hormonal treatments

From: Comparing two different superovulation protocols on ovarian activity and fecal glucocorticoid levels in the brown brocket deer (Mazama gouazoubira)

[FPM] luteal a (ng/g feces) 4293.69 ± 769.47a* 1571.26 ± 240.28b*
[FPM] pre-PGF b (ng/g feces) 4002.76 ± 11019.48Aa** 1296.09 ± 175.69Aa**
[FPM] post-PGF c (ng/g feces) 1147.18 ± 267.40Ba** 424.82 ± 104.37Aa**
  1. 1, CIDR® for 8 days + EB D0 + 700UI eCG D4 + cloprostenol D8; and 2, CIDR® for 7.5 days + BE D0 + 130 mg FSH D4.5/D8 + cloprostenol D7.5.
  2. a[FPM] in the period between laparoscopy and day 14 following removal of the CIDR® device; b[FPM] on day 14 following removal of the CIDR® device/the day of the final PGF injection; c[FPM] on day 17 following removal of the CIDR® device /3 days after the final PGF injection; *Mean ± SEM, excluding data from hinds 3 and 5 in eCG Treatment and hind 3 in FSH Treatment due to repetition of estrus behavior prior to laparoscopic examination.
  3. **Mean ± SEM, excluding data from hinds 2 and 5 in eCG and FSH Treatments due to repetition of estrus behavior in the period between laparoscopic examination and day 14 following removal of the CIDR® device. NS: P ≥ 0.05; Means within each column with different capital letters (A and B) differ (P < 0.05) according to the paired Student t test; Means within each row with different lowercase letters (a and b) differ (P < 0.05) according to the Student t test.