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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies

From: Recombinant luteinizing hormone supplementation in women undergoing in vitro fertilization/ intracytoplasmic sperm injection with gonadotropin releasing hormone antagonist protocol: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Included RCTs Method of randomization Number of patients (rLHtrFSH/rFSH) Gn type and initial dosage (IU/d) rLH protocol Pretreament Primary outcomes
Sauer et al. 2004 [5] Computer generated 21/21 r-hFSH 225 r-hLH, 150 IU on stimulation day 7–10 Oral contraceptive pretretment (0.15 mg desogestrel and 0.03 mg ethinyloestradiol) Mean number of retrieved
MII oocytes
Griesinger et al. 2005 [6] Sealed envelop 61/65 r-hFSH 150 rLH, 75 IU on day 2 of the natural cycle None Number of days of gonadotropin treatment
Levi-Setti et al. 2006 [7] Computer-generated list 20/20 r-hFSH 150 rLH, 75 IU when follicles reached the mean diameter of 14 and 15 mm Oral contraceptive ((Minulet; Wyeth, Aprilia-Latinia, Italy)) Number of metaphase II oocytes retrieved
Bosch et al. 2011 [14] Computer-generated list Aged <35 years:190/190; aged 36 to 39 years: 170/170 Patients ≤ 35 years old: rFSH-alone group: rFSH 225 ;the rFSH + rLH group: rFSH 150; patients aged 36–39 years: rFSH-alone group: rFSH 300; rFSH + rLH group: rFSH 225 rLH, 75 IU on stimulation day 1 Oral contraceptive pill (0.030 mg ethinyl E2 and 3.0 mg drospirenone) Implantation rate
König et al. 2013 [15] Sealed envelopes 125/128 r-hFSH, 225 IU rLH, 150 IU on stimulation day 6 None Implantation rate; clinical pregnancy rate