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Table 5 Significant pathways, networks and processes identified from Metacore analysis of seminal plasma proteins

From: Proteomic analysis of seminal fluid from men exhibiting oxidative stress

Metacore pathways Proteins (from our dataset) associated with the category
Protein folding and maturation KLK3
Immune response CLU
Androgen receptor signaling KLK3
Extracellular matrix remodeling (ECM) KLK3
ATP/ Ionisitol triphosphate metabolism ACPP
Metacore process networks  
Reproduction KLK3, CLU
Proteolysis ECM remodeling KLK3, CLU
Proteolysis connective tissue degradation KLK3
Inflammation CLU
Signal transduction PIP, KLK3
Reproduction feeding and neurohormone signaling PIP
Immune response antigen presentation AZGP1
Regulation of angiogenesis CLU
Metabolic network  
Alpha-L-fucosyl (1–2)-D-galactose pathway KLK3, SEMG1, SEMG2
Phosphatidylethanolamine pathway KLK3
2-arachidonoyl-glycerol 3-phosphocholine pathway KLK3
Lipid metabolism phospholipid metabolism ACPP
Biological processes  
Insemination SEMG1, KLK3
Liquefaction of seminal ejaculate KLK3
Reproduction KLK3, CLU, SEMG1, SEMG2
  1. KLK3 Prostate specific antigen, CLU Clusterin, ACPP Prostatic acid phosphatase / prostatic specific acid phosphatase, PIP Prolactin-inducing protein, AZGP1 Zinc-alpha-2-glycoprotein, SEMG1 Semenogelin-I, SEMG2 Semenogelin-II.