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Table 1 Incidence of pseudocyesis

From: Endocrinology and physiology of pseudocyesis

Frequency Location Race/Ethnicity Reference
1/22000 births Boston Hospitals, USA ? [4]
1/344 of newly booked expectant mothers St. Vincent’s Hospital Ndubia, Ebonyi State, Nigeria African black [3]
1/250 maternity clinic admissions (24 out of 27 patients had tried to conceive without success for 2 to 17 years) Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia, USA 85% (23/27) African-American black; 15% (4/27) white [5]
1/200 births Baragwanath Hospital, South Africa African black [6]
1/160 women who had previously being investigated and managed for reproductive failure Wad Medani Teaching Hospital, Sudan African black [7]