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Table 2 Comparison of ER distribution patterns in control or diabetic oocytes at Pro-MII stage

From: Maternal diabetes causes abnormal dynamic changes of endoplasmic reticulum during mouse oocyte maturation and early embryo development

Group No. oocytes examined Percentage with I Percentage with II Percentage with III
Control oocytes 35 (from 3 mice) 27 (77.1%) a 5 (14.3%) a 4 (11.4%) a
Diabetic oocytes 30 (from 3 mice) 5 (16.7%) b 18 (60.0%) b 7 (23.3%) b
  1. * Experiments were repeated at least three times.
  2. a,b Values with different superscript letters are significantly different (P <0.05; Fisher exact test).
  3. (I): perinuclear distribution pattern, (II): homogeneous distribution, (III): clustering distribution.