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Table 3 Patient genetic profiles: interpretation of physiology and biomarker levels

From: Hormonal, functional and genetic biomarkers in controlled ovarian stimulation: tools for matching patients and protocols

Genetic profile Interpretation of genetic profile
Low AMH levels; low AFC Suggests that even high doses of FSH would be ineffective and that LH would not improve results
Patient would benefit from counselling to better understand her limited chances of success
FSH receptor variant (eg. Ser680); good AMH levels; good AFC Suggests a good prognosis, but it also predicts a genetic hyposensitivity to FSH that should be considered when formulating COS treatment
v-LH (variant in β subunit of LH receptor) Suggest that a patient might benefit from LH supplementation during COS
  1. AMH = anti-Müllerian hormone; AFC = antral follicle count.