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Table 2 CFTR, NF KappaB and MUC1 protein expression in endometrial tissues in the proliferative phase and secretory phase from infertile patients with or without hydrosalpinx

From: NF kappaB expression increases and CFTR and MUC1 expression decreases in the endometrium of infertile patients with hydrosalpinx: a comparative study

  Hydrosalpinx group Control group P value
CFTR 2.8±0.5 3.3±0.6 2.3±0.4 2.3±0.6 ns
NFkappaB 2.9±0.7 3.2±0.5 3.0±0.9 3.6±0.6 ns
MUC1 3.6±0.5 3.8±0.5 2.8±0.4 3.2±0.5 ns
  1. All immunohistochemical staining scores are presented as H-score.
  2. *Mann–Whitney Test. PP, proliferative phase; SP, the secretory phase.