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Table 4 Effect of 21 days treatment with 10 mg/day NOMAC on mean metabolic parameters in OVX rats compared with intact and OVX controls

From: Preclinical pharmacological profile of nomegestrol acetate, a synthetic 19-nor-progesterone derivative

  Alkaline phosphatase (U/L) Glucose (g/L) Insulin (ng/mL) Triglycerides (mmol/L) Total cholesterol (g/L) HDL cholesterol (g/L)
Intact control 124 1.06 0.61 0.48 0.58* 0.33
OVX control 150 1.04 0.71 0.49 0.70 0.38
NOMAC 156 1.03 0.72 0.54 0.72 0.40
  1. ANOVA, analysis of variance; HDL, high-density lipoprotein; NOMAC, nomegestrol acetate; OVX, ovariectomized. N = 10 per group; * P<0.05 vs OVX control (ANOVA).
  2. Female rats weighing 180 to 200 g were OVX or kept intact 1 week before treatment was started. Rats (n = 10) were orally treated with vehicle or 10 mg/kg/day of NOMAC for 3 weeks. Blood samples were collected from fasting animals from the retro-orbital venous sinus under light ether anesthesia 1 hour ±30 minutes after treatment. Plasma samples were stored at –20ºC until measuring the alkaline phosphatase, glucose, insulin, triglycerides, cholesterol, and HDL cholesterol.