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Table 2 Enriched common genes showing differential changes under different categories of comparisons a

From: Genome-wide expressions in autologous eutopic and ectopic endometrium of fertile women with endometriosis

Description of comparison (Number of genes) Gene in enriched category (Gene symbol) Enriched pathways (p-value)
Eutopic-to-ectopic ERBB3 Activation of astroglia proliferation (0)
Stage 3 & Stage 4 (3)b   CDK5 mediated cell death and survival (0)
Proliferative & Secretory (4)b   ERBB family signaling (0)
   Membrane bound ESR1 interaction with growth factor signaling (<0.01)
   Ligand-independent activation of ESR1 and ESR2 (<0.01)
  ERBB3, LAMC2 Alpha6/beta-4 integrins in carcinoma progression (<0.01)
Stages 3-to-4 STAT2 Immune response involving IL-15 and IFN signaling (<0.02)
Eutopic & Ectopic (50)c
Proliferative-to-Secretory   Angiotensin signaling via STATs (<0.03)
Eutopic & Ectopic (4)d NOS1AP nNOS signaling in neuronal process (<0.03)
  AP1B1 Immune response involving regulation of T cell function by CTLA-4 (<0.04)
  SOCS5 Immune response involving IL-4 signaling (<0.04)
  GOT2 GABA biosynthesis and metabolism (<0.05)
  1. asee Figure 2, bA, cB and dC.