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Archived Comments for: Genome-wide expressions in autologous eutopic and ectopic endometrium of fertile women with endometriosis

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  1. Low Quality Data

    Mathias Gehrmann, Bayer Technology Services GmbH

    3 September 2014

    Dear Debabrata Ghosh,

    only those samples clustering in arm 2 (Cluster 2) of the dendrogram shown in figure 2 can be used for the production of scatterdiagrams having a distribution of datapoints indicative of acceptable data quality.

    Therefore, it appears that the HCA of figure 2 shows essentially two cluster of samples, that emanate from fundamental differences in data quality, which in turn might be contributed to low RNA quality or any other experimental artifact.


    Best wishes

    Mathias Gehrmann

    Competing interests

    None declared